Graffiti can be anything from a nuisance to humiliatingly embarrassing, but however it is regarded there is an answer – it can be removed. Vandals are often
tempted to add a bit when they see graffiti – and the problem grows and grows. They want others to see their handiwork, but if it’s gone the next day what’s
the point?


Real Problems

Real Solutions

  • “Last time a contractor removed graffiti from my brick wall you could still see the outline!.”

    There is no reason why ANY graffiti should be visible after removal.

  • “Perspex and plastic covers over information boards need replacing when they’re graffitied as cleaning them etches them making reading the information impossible.”

    If correctly removed by a professional company there will be NO damage to the perspex or plastic. This applies to bus shelters, and glass as well.

  • “We had a mural removed from the side of our factory unit and half the brickwork has been taken off.”

    Some companies use abrasive blasting to remove graffiti. This is far too aggressive for brickwork, scarring it and causing it to age considerably as it wears away the surface. It is far kinder to use pressure jetting in conjunction with a graffiti remover. You get the results without the damage.